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The Significance of Chemical Changes in Science (285 words, 1 pages)
Evidence for Chemical changeA chemical change is any change that results in the formation of new chemical substances. In the following experiment, a solution that begins with copper nitrate II will undergo a series of chemical changes. Examples of evidence for a chemical change include temperature change, color change, precipitate ... Read More
A Lab Report on the Chemical Changes and Reactions of Copper (722 words, 3 pages)
Copper Cycle Lab ReportTitle The Copper Cycle Purpose In this experiment, the objective was to track copper as it underwent a series of chemical changes and reactions.Safety review Laboratory safety goggles were worn during the experiment. Closed-toed shoes were worn in the laboratory. Unused chemicals were never returned to their ... Read More
An Experiment to Determine the Gas Hydrogen by Generating Gas Through a Chemical Change (676 words, 2 pages)
BackgroundAn example of a gas would be hydrogen. A chemical property is how a substance changes its identity. An example of this would be being able to support flammability. A physical property distinguises one type of matter from another and can be observed without changing its identity. An example of ... Read More
Observation and Recording of Physical and Chemical Changes in Certain Substances in Different Environmental Conditions (977 words, 3 pages)
Albert JungAbstract This lab assignment is to observe certain substances and observe its physical and chemical changes in different environmental conditions. We first observed its physical properties, such as physical state and color and recorded it on paper. Then we did different types of experiments on some of the substances ... Read More
An Overview of the Chemistry’s Method for the Chemical Change in Reactant Substance (932 words, 2 pages)
EPHS - Nicholas Chemistry Period 4 February 16, 2006Introduction The purpose of this lab is to identify and record data that shows how heat is involved in chemical change. Also, to explain why a substance can be either a reactant, or a product in a chemical change. Finally, to learn ... Read More
An Introduction to the Analysis of Physical and Chemical Changes (1904 words, 5 pages)
Purpose To conduct experiments and to determine whether they are physical or chemical changesBefore we conduct these experiments there are some topics that we must discuss. As I stated in the purpose, in this lab we are going to be looking at some experiments, and we have to determine whether ... Read More
Defining the Chemical Changes That Occur During Fermentation of Apple Juice (284 words, 1 pages)
The Young Students Learning Library defines fermentation as a chemical change caused by many different kinds of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. These different types of fermentation give off certain chemicals. The chemicals found in most are enzymes. An enzyme is a chemical compound that makes the chemical reaction faster. Our ... Read More
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