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Does Facebook Evoke Experiences of Jealousy and Interfere with Social Relationships? (1763 words, 7 pages)
After its creation in 2004, Facebook has become a popular social networking site, and college students are the predominant Facebook users. For example, Spring 2009 data from the University of Missouri found that 960 out of 1,002 participants have a Facebook page, and 78 access the site at least twice ... Read More
The Features, Role, and Effects of Facebook to Society (1489 words, 6 pages)
Facebook in SocietySince its official launch in 2004, Facebook has drastically changed the way people live their lives. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, he initially opened the website to students of Harvard University, the school he was attending at the time. Due to the high traffic in the first month of ... Read More
The Negative Effects of the Social Network Facebook on Romantic Relationships (1510 words, 6 pages)
The Negative Effects of Facebook on Romantic RelationshipsFacebook is a social networking tool that allows its members to communicate online through access to their profiles page or walls, as well as to their friends walls. Private messaging and wall comments are some of the many ways that individuals can communicate ... Read More
A Study of the Effects of Facebook Use on a Person’s Behavior (1435 words, 6 pages)
Facebook is an integral part of the human experience and the need to know just how the internet effects a person continues to grow. The purpose of this study was to see if there are any adverse effects to a person who uses Facebook. With an exceedingly enormous amount of ... Read More
An Examination of the Effects of Facebook on the Understanding of College Students of Privacy Protection (2439 words, 8 pages)
Socialnetworks are currently among the major types of technology with significant impact on information privacy. Among the social networks, Facebook is most active and commonly used by people all over the world. Despite its popularity, thereislimited knowledge and understanding on how youths and adults use the social network. When Facebook ... Read More
An Analysis of Facebook’s Influence and the Modern Communication Technologies in the United States (2459 words, 9 pages)
As new inventions came about, I never really realized how steadfast America was and how people tend to bind their lives with the technology around the like gum on an envelope. They become attached and dependent on it and are not able to live without it while it pulls them ... Read More
ADIscussion on Whether the Passive Use of Facebook Undermines Affective Well-Being by Enhancing Envy (824 words, 3 pages)
In Ethan Kross article, Facebook Use Predicts Declines in Subjective Well-Being in Young Adults, Kross uncovers through his findings, that passive (but not active) Facebook usage specifically undermines affective well-being and does so by enhancing envy. How does one passively use Facebook as compared to using it actively? How might ... Read More
An Analysis of the Effects of Social Media Networking Sites in the Academic Achievement of Young People (446 words, 1 pages)
In recent years, technological developments have been on the rise with new services being unveiled by technological entrepreneurs who have made names for established well known sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With such social sites being used by the young and old but mostly the young people, there is ... Read More
An Analysis of Computer Interaction (671 words, 2 pages)
Research question1. Does computer interaction negatively affect teenagers socially?2. What effect does Facebook have on the academic achievement of the school goers?Null hypothesis1. Computer interaction negatively affects most teenagers socially.2. Facebook does not have any effect on academic achievement of school goers using it.Alternative hypothesis1. Even though computer interaction negative ... Read More
An Overview of Facebook (1030 words, 2 pages)
IntroductionFacebook is a popular social network that enables its members to interact with friends, workmates and family. It is a free networking site that was started in 2004 and is available in 37 languages. One is required to possess an email address in order to register once registered, a member ... Read More
The Effects of Facebook (508 words, 2 pages)
In St. Louis, Missouri, a 13-year-old girl named Megan Meier committed suicide from the depression she gained from using online networking sites in 2007. A compilation of envy, pride and laziness play roles in online networking sites like Facebook. Facebook is filled with unpleasant emotions. Envy, Pride and Laziness are ... Read More
The Effects of Facebook (1372 words, 5 pages)
Facebook use has become part of the worlds daily routine. Today, there are more than 750 million active users. Half of those users log on to Facebook in any given day, spending a total of over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Facebook was originally created to have positive ... Read More
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