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Learning about Writing for Better Writing (301 words, 1 pages)
This semester in Ms. Arnolds English class I have learned a lot about writing. I have learned how to pick and chose the right topics that I can best relate with and write a supportive paper. I also learned that it is much easier to produce a good piece of ... Read More
A Personal Assessment on the Quality of Writing (670 words, 2 pages)
Critical ReflectionOver the past academic year, I have had many opportunities to practice my writing. In FYE alone Ive written about 10 essays, each of which Ive received an A on. I cant say my writing was particularly challenged these past two semesters, but Ive definitely enjoyed going through the ... Read More
The Importance of Writing Skills in College (1005 words, 3 pages)
In high school, every day I would walk into English class and sit for forty-five minutes while the teacher fed us all false information. They would say that this is the 'write' way to 'right' a paper. Being so ignorant of other ideas and concepts within writing, I would keep ... Read More
An Argument in Favor of the Video-Game Industry (1116 words, 5 pages)
Since they have existed video games have long been the center of a heated debate surrounding teen violence. However, the argument is futile since video games are in no way the primary or even secondary source of teen aggression. Claiming that video games are the cause of teen aggression is ... Read More
My Positive and Motivating Experience with EN105 (1051 words, 3 pages)
Since I began EN105 I have not only learned about writing but how tomanage school, work and everything else going on in my life. As I lookback on my first essay and see the progress made I can only attribute thisto comments made by my peers, friends helping guiding me ... Read More
How Can Children Become Good Writers of Narrative (1543 words, 3 pages)
How can we help children become good writers of narrative? To become good writers of narrative children need to have a wide range of experience in hearing and reading stories. 'The roots of story writing lie in a rich experience of listening to and watching stories, drama and role play, ... Read More
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