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Risky Behavior Amongst Teens (1653 words, 6 pages)
The four categories of risky behaviour amongst teenagers that I have identified are Substance use, unprotected sex, Unhealthy eating habits and Teen Suicide.Substance abuse -http7thspace.comheadlines442434prevalenceandassociationofperceivedstresssubstanceuseandbehavioraladdictionsacrosssectionalstudyamonguniversitystudentsinfrance20092011.html This is an article published on the 6th August 2013 on how students that go to university in France are so competitive with each other ... Read More
A Description of Risky Behavior Sports Related Businesses in the World Today (1746 words, 2 pages)
Risky Behavior?Skydiving, bungee jumping, and parasailing are three of the hottest growing sports related businesses in the World today. One would wonder why someone would willingly participate in such activities, and even pay to do so. The fact is that risk-taking activities like these have been around for thousands of ... Read More
Aspects of Teenagers' Engagement in Risky Behaviors (719 words, 2 pages)
Teenagers Engagement in Risky BehaviorsTeenage behavior is often associated with foolish risks, youth, and problematic behavior. Adolescents are often categorized as being less mature and impulsive. Based on scientific data, social experiments, and the evolution of knowledge and identity associated with the risky behaviors that teens often display, society has ... Read More
An Examination of the Individual, Group, and Family Based Interventions in Reduced Risky Behavior Cases (1000 words, 5 pages)
Individual-, Group- and Family-based Intervention ApproachesInterventions can help people who are engaging in self-destructive behaviour mitigate or discontinue their actions. Interventions fall into three main categories individual-, group-, and family-based interventions. The following paper will examine cases from each of the three categories to see in which situations they successfully ... Read More
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