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Why Aggressive Shock Economic Therapy Was More Effective in Poland Than Russia (1857 words, 6 pages)
Many factors go into the planning of economic reform in a country leadership, timing, execution, debt, culture and tradition, resources, and international support all must be considered when devising how to approach the desired goal of economic stability. The fact that both Poland and Russia opted to apply the aggressive ... Read More
Selling Drugs with the Russian Mafia (1021 words, 3 pages)
Some of you may know who I am others may be wonder who is this character. Well I am a person of many talents one of these talents is the art of manipulation and deception. Now if you are saying to your self this guy must be one of those ... Read More
The Reign of Peter the Great and Economic Growth of Russia (989 words, 4 pages)
The reign of Peter the Great established new political and economical ideals, both modernizing and revolutionizing Russia during the eighteenth century. Peter the Great transformed his country through the separation of the church and the leading powers of Russia. Peters reign over Russia lasted from May of 1682 to February ... Read More
My Educational History: Born Russian, Raised American (2266 words, 6 pages)
My name is Beth and I am a twenty-three year old, full time collegestudent at Mercer University. Attending Mercer University is thehighest accomplishment of my educational journey, thus far. I did notstart my education like most American children in fact, I was born inArkhangelsk, Russia and lived there until the ... Read More
Caught Between Russia and a Hard Place (336 words, 1 pages)
On March 22nd, 2013, CNN had reported that once again, a financial issue has erupted in Europe. This time, the financial instability is in Cyprus. Unfortunately, the lawmakers in Cyprus had vetoed a confiscatory tax on bank payments. If they had not rejected the tax payment, the country received a ... Read More
Russian Revolution and Cataclysmic Events (1902 words, 7 pages)
Within the series of revolutionary events that transpired within the Russian Revolution chiefly, a combination of four revolutionary eras can be identified as the most significant cataclysmic events. Hence, each revolutionary era changed the movement of the revolution in both beneficial ways, leading towards industrialization, and in antagonistic ways, digressing ... Read More
Russian and French Piano School: Musical Interpretation and Technique (947 words, 3 pages)
One of the greatest piano teachers, Tobias Matthay states, Technique means the power of expressing oneself musicallyTechnique is rather a matter of the Mind than of the Fingers (3). Most of pianists have been satisfied with their musicality but not technique. Moreover, as the piano, the physical tool itself has ... Read More
The Similarities and Differences between the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution (609 words, 2 pages)
The French and Russian Revolutions were both influential, monumental events, and both revolutions comprised of striking similarities. But, while they have much in common, there are some differences. They were similar in that both France and Russia had similar conditions before and after the revolution with strong support from the ... Read More
The Effects of the Russian Authoritarian Regime on Economic Development and Democracy (4568 words, 16 pages)
One of the most contemporary contradictive issues is economic development and its affect on democratization in authoritarian regimes. There are numbers of Successful and less successful well economically developed authoritarian regimes, but the focus of this paper will solely be on Russia. In order to demonstrate how Russian economic development ... Read More
Reflections on My Travels Through Russia (1253 words, 4 pages)
When I was young, I never gave much thought to the fragility of nature. Outside the same fluffy little squirrels would run from tree to tree in front of my childhood home. Mornings were often damp and moss intermingled with the grass of the lawn, purging water when stepped on. ... Read More
A Russian Comparison of Optimism and Pessimism (363 words, 2 pages)
Our life has a lot of difficult moments and sometimes you cannotunderstand how to solve it or which decision at that moment will bebetter but most of us has one of these thoughts Yes, I can do this''or No, I cannot''. Between these points of view has a huge differencethe ... Read More
Russia's Role in the Outbreak of WWI (1166 words, 5 pages)
Over many decades historians have been debating over who caused the outbreak of World War 1. Numerous historians argued that Germany was the cause of the war, Britain had a major part in the war, or Austria-Hungary stared the war. Nevertheless, they can all agree that Russia had big role ... Read More
An Analysis of the Actual Foreign Policy Aims of Russia with Regard to the Countries of North Sudan and South Sudan (821 words, 2 pages)
The purpose of this essay is to provide an analysis of whether thecontents of the memorandum reflect the actual foreign policy aims ofRussia with regard to the countries of North Sudan and South Sudan. Alsoto be assessed is the extent to which the other four permanent membersof the UN Security ... Read More
The Russian Orthodox Religion (1376 words, 5 pages)
My grandmother, Valentine, used to be a part of Russian Orthodox Religion. My grandmother lived in Russia until she was about 14. Her life is very interesting to me because it shows me that faith and what you believe in can help you so much. I say this because when ... Read More
Differences Between America and Russia (487 words, 1 pages)
Every country has its own way of living and communicating. America and Russia are different in many ways but they also have a lot of similarities. Although they are very far apart, you will be surprised how much they really have in common, and will be shocked at what the ... Read More
Analyzing the American and Russian Relationship During World War I (1678 words, 6 pages)
The time of 1917 through 1920 is an extremely important period in order to American-Soviet relations during the Cold War. World War I is upon us and simultaneously Russia is facing a Civil War. American-Russian relations have made a bad turn since the mid-1800s but they arent enemies yet. Woodrow ... Read More
Executive Power in Russia and Egypt (1784 words, 5 pages)
In this essay, I will focus on the executive power in Russia and Egypt. Both states experience Presidential executive power, where separately elected president, enjoy political and constitutional independence from the parliament. (Heywood, 2013) In Russia, the political system is described as superpresidentialism since the president exercise great amount of ... Read More
Comparing the Differences in the Perspective on Ethnic Diversity Between the Westerns and Russians (978 words, 3 pages)
The aim of this easy is to identify the difference between Western and Russian perspective about ethnic diversity. However, it focuses primarily in Multiculturalism achievement in Russia. Many immigrants have been attracted to Russia because of the open border that is in existence. In the western world, the issue of ... Read More
Belorussian Economy after the Fall of USSR (598 words, 1 pages)
Belarusian Economy Belaruss economy has done fairly well from the situation it started in. The economy has some strengths, but it is also not without its weaknesses. Also the Republic has not done yet enough to restructure its economy after the break up of the USSR. Belarus has a fairly ... Read More
The Breakup of the USSR and Its Effect on Russia (3724 words, 6 pages)
The breakup of the USSR on December 25th, 1991 changed the world forever. It ended the Cold War, a isolation of two types of governments for decades. It also ended the Communist legacy- Communism had fallen and democracy was set to take its place. Concern arose, however, in the fact ... Read More
Catherine II and Russia's History (724 words, 2 pages)
Catherine II was a very important and quite vital part of Russias history. If it had not been for Catherine the Great that particular country would no doubt still be ruins. During her reign she managed to turn Russia from economically poor, nearly third world country that it was into ... Read More
The Causes of the Russian Revolution (561 words, 1 pages)
In 1812 Czar Alexander the First had sworn an oath that Russia would never make peace as long as an enemy stood on Russian soil. Little did he know that not much more than a century later the enemy was those who were native to the Russian soil-the people. The ... Read More
Causes of Russia Tsar Nicolas Abdication (839 words, 2 pages)
Many reforms were undergone to result in Tsar Nicolas abdicating the throne. This happened through a series of major interrelated causes, events, influences, individuals, and groups. The five major and most influential causes to result in the Tsars abdication were bloody Sunday, 1905 Revolution, Russio-japanese war, October manifesto, and WW1. ... Read More
The Outcomes of Cold War and Their Effects on Russia and the US (1364 words, 2 pages)
The Cold War ended in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell apart. Since then, Russia's economy paralyzed, and the United States is three trillion dollars in debt, and both counties were weakened by the Cold War because of military spending. To have world peace does not mean that United States ... Read More
The Alliance Between Russia and United States Became a Dispute During the During World War II (521 words, 1 pages)
Russia and the United States were allies during World War II, but that certainly did not mean that they were friends. The alliance with Russia was to fight Nazism, which at the time seemed to be the greater of the two evils. Throughout the war the United States involved Russia ... Read More
The Changes Implemented by Mikhail Gorbachev in Soviet Russia (1013 words, 4 pages)
Gorbachev was one of the last leaders that changed the USSR to a better country. He was the one whom liberated the USSR from communism. He had very few achievements and failures. Thus, some people say he achieved something that the USSR people wanted. He made USSR into a democratic ... Read More
Meyerhold's Approach to Theater during the Russian Revolution (4433 words, 7 pages)
The Stars and The Stairs An Old Russian proverb says "If you go to your porch, look up at the sky, and jump to the stars, you will just land in the mud." The stars are those things we dream of, we envisage and we hope to achieve both Grotowski ... Read More
The Life and Work of Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, a Russian Novelist (364 words, 1 pages)
Leo Tolstoi 1828-1910 In full Lev Nikolayevich, Count Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy was born at Yasnya Polyana, in the Tula Province. His fathers family was new to Russia. The grand duke of Moscow, at the time, gave the name Tolstoy to the family. The word tolstoy, in russian, literally means fat. ... Read More
Napoleon's Conflict with the Russian Winter (1093 words, 4 pages)
Napoleon's Conflict with Russia- Napoleon was one of the greatest military leaders of all time. By 1812 Napoleon had expanded the territory of France all over Europe including Spain, Italy, Holland, and Switzerland. The countries that Napoleon did not directly control, he was usually allied with. The turning point of ... Read More
A Biography of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, a Reformer of Russia (660 words, 1 pages)
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev was born in 1894 to an illiterate peasant family in Kalinovka, a village near Russia's border with Ukraine. To supplement his family's meager income he began working at an early age, but despite this, and despite his father's second job as a coal miner, Khrushchev's family was ... Read More
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