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An Overview of the Work by Laurie Anderson, an American Experimental Performance Artist, Composer and Musician (2215 words, 12 pages)
Overview Laurie Anderson earned an international reputation as a high-tech magician of multi-media performance art. Her legendary shows, combining computer synthesized music, videos, slides, and provocative monologues, have challenged and delighted audiences for over twenty years. A self-described "story-teller," Anderson's art stems from a deeply personal vision. Once the l'enfant ... Read More
The Use of Performance Art in Innovative, Evocative Ways in the Works, Dialogue by Xiao Lu and Rhythm 5 by Marina Abramovic (703 words, 3 pages)
Though Xiao Lus work, Dialogue (1989), and Marina Abramovis Rhythm 5 (1974) can both be considered performance pieces, they use performance art in innovative, evocative ways that elicited a large response from the art world. Despite the fact that the artists used dissimilar mediums and methods, they both evoke the ... Read More
The Inspirations of Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Pena in the Performance Art (698 words, 3 pages)
In the early 1990s, Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Pena committed lots of time, energy, and effort into implementing a work of performance art in museums throughout the world. Fusco and Gomez-Pena placed themselves in a large cage, where they were on display as undiscovered Amerindians from an island in the ... Read More
Masochistic Action in Performance Art: Rhythm 5 by Marina Abramovic (321 words, 1 pages)
Masochistic Action in Performance Art Rhythm 5 by Marina Abramovic was performed in 1974. It began with Abramovic lighting a large five-pointed star on fire until the entire symbolic structure was engulfed in flames. She then proceeded to cut her fingernails, toenails, and hair and circle the fire, throwing the ... Read More
A Personal Understanding of Performance Art (553 words, 2 pages)
My understanding of performance art implies it to be art in motion. The name suggests exactly what performance art entails. If there is a performer, and they are conveying an artistic vision in a physical way, they fit the description. But does this exclude some forms of art? I would ... Read More
The Artist as the Performance Art and an Appreciation of the Performance Art in the Picasso Baby (1125 words, 3 pages)
Performance art is a connection that demands for you to receive it. It does not go to voice mail, it will not wait in your front office, and it will not leave a memo. It is there, in front of you, insisting that this is your experience and you must ... Read More
Literature as a Performance Art and the Act of Reading in the Literary Work of Peter Kivy (1233 words, 3 pages)
The Performance of Reading An Essay in the Philosophy of Literature.The main thesis of Peter Kivys book is that literature is a performance art and the act of readingparticularly as regards the novelis a performance. Kivys is an intriguing and stimulating book that would interest philosophers of literature and philosophers ... Read More
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