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Proving the Bible Right as the Word of God (477 words, 1 pages)
Proving the Bible Right Now a days its hard to trust anything. With so many things going wrong in todays society there is one thing that you can trust. Thats the Holy Bible. There are many reasons to trust the Bible, the most common is that its Gods word but ... Read More
The Word of God Slowly Disappearing Into the Darkness (1048 words, 2 pages)
The Devil has his Christs "Krishina", which is actually Sanskrit for "Dark God", predated Jesus the Christ in the works of two Greek historians, Arrian and Strabo (Daleiden 105). Then there is Buddha, who predates Jesus by more than five centuries (Daleiden 105). There are many other religions, cults and ... Read More
An Analysis of Missionaries From All Faiths in Bringing the Word of God (1566 words, 3 pages)
My father, of course, was bringing the Word of God- which fortunately weighs nothing at all. (Kingsolver 19)Missionaries from all faiths have traveled all over the world in attempts to show other peoples their ways. Christian missionaries in particular have struggled in their efforts to convert indigenous people. Simply bringing ... Read More
The Life of Karl Barth and His Three-Fold Doctrine of the Word of God (1210 words, 2 pages)
Karl Barth and the Distinction of the Word of GodKarl Barth was undoubtedly the most influential Swiss theologian of the 20th century, with an impact expanding far beyond Switzerland. He radically changed Protestant thought and his theology came to be known as the theology of crisis. Despite writing over 600 ... Read More
The First Mission to Spread the Word of God (1262 words, 2 pages)
The First MissionPart AMissionsMissions were created to bring the word of God to a new land. They thought the Indians deserved a chance to go to heaven.. The country of Spain helped the Catholic church and the Spanish priests. They wanted to strengthen the Spanish Empire over in the New ... Read More
An Analysis of the Topic of the Familiar Passage and the Word of God (650 words, 1 pages)
is probably the most familiar passage there is in the word of God. No portion in writing of any time or of any work has been so widely circulated. Much has been written about this psalm, although its six verses are short and simple. I appears that the author, David, ... Read More
A Biography of James Mercer Langston Hughes, an American Novelist, and an Analysis of the Word of God (556 words, 3 pages)
The way Langston Hughes said he was saved but he wasn't really saved kind of gives the whole plot away at the beginning.But he said it like this to grab his readers' attention and make themkeep reading on to fully understand why he was or was not saved.This indeed did ... Read More
A Summary of Eucharist History and the Word of God (950 words, 1 pages)
SUMMARY Eucharist History -reenacts the closing events of jesus' life -links past-present-future one ceremony -powerful, meaningful ritual -last of the 3 sacraments of initiation -prescribed by christ -have to see the eucharist as body, not bread Eucharist celebrates -"a way of remembering" -daily reminder of Gods love -jesus shared bread ... Read More
A Building That Houses the Word of God (680 words, 2 pages)
Church buildings have a special significance that distinguishes them from public hall or commercial meeting places. They are set apart, specially dedicated to God for specific purpose of worship, religious education, fellowship, and service. Priority in the use of church buildings should be given to those spiritual ministries of the ... Read More
The Importance of Dei Verbum or the Word of God (679 words, 2 pages)
Dei Verbum also known as the word of God in english. By comprehending and understanding Dei Verbum or word of God allows you to understand God and have the ability to be one with God. The Bible is composed of many books and stories. All written or told by a ... Read More
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